‘Chinatown’ by Starcadian
@SunsetBlood is one of the “best” albums of 2013, yet will no doubt be overlooked on any lists. I’ll call it a sleeper album as this punk (Starcadian) will surely gain a deserved larger audience in time. He makes “ear movies” and ‘Chinatown’ is the second instalment & also happens to be my fav track from the album. Subscribe to his Youtube & keep updated on one of musics most retro & creative beings. #SunsetBlood

‘Alice’ by Mononoke
Click play, you deserve these 3+ minutes to yourself , music like this doesn’t come along very often. Liverpools’ @Mononoke released her debut with a vintage visual that I can’t help but hit repeat with. Drift into the rabbit hole & dare to dream, if only for a moment. “I can’t go back to yesterday because, I was a different person then.” Look out for my playlist this week @bitcandy.com, this beauty included.

‘Bad Weather’ by Starwalker
STARWALKER are among that goodness lifting my mood in these dark autumnal Scottish mornings. The Electronic duo finally dropped BAD WEATHER this week along with this stellar video shot in the north of Iceland. Frenchman Jean-Benoit Duncke and Iceland’s Bardi Johannsson are intriguing and dark. I dig it + the fact the brilliant Bloodgroup (former find) have only went and supplied the remix! Read more at http://www.bitcandy.com/plogs/plogDedicated/music/ten-indie-picks-from-curator-duffster-week-41-2013#HBxoRdu3fYcUxz2C.99

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